How Stosi Apparel was Created Stosi Rant 002

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How Stosi Apparel was Created Stosi Rant 002

Welcome back for another one of Stosi’s rants! We have a goood one today. Today we talk about the origins of Stosi Apparel! We’ll dive into how I came up with Stosi Apparel, where I’m from and some interesting facts. Let’s dive in!

Stosi Apparel started from my producer name from making instrumental hip-hop/trap type music. I’ve always wanted to have a website cuz it’s the 2020’s people like you gotta get in on this internet stuff you feel me?? So I talked with some friends and got it started around august last year and launched on thanksgiving day 2021 and have been putting my soul into into ever since. 

Im from a small town called Cortland just south of Syracuse, New York. Just a bunch of farm land and a few cool friends. Cortland is one of those small towns where everyone knows each other or at least knows of you. Growing up I always had an entrepreneurial mind set from mowing lawns and shoveling snow to save money before I could get a real job. I always have had large visions of where I want to to be and go and living the small town made me move to California and live in a big city and that changed how I viewed the world! 

I moved to California in 2017 with no money and only knowing one friend out in the Bay Area. I just couch surfed and was working 2-3 jobs to save up for an apartment. This was a fundamental moment in my life because I learned how to provide for myself and get after a bag if I need too. From that point forward I have been wanting to have a clothing brand or some kind of website cuz it’s 2022 at the moment and I feel like you should have something positive for your pockets out there in the virtual world. 

In 2021 I, Stosi decided to move back home to central New York to pursue a new career in the welding/fabricating field. I loved it and I have since been working towards becoming an aerospace welder for planes and rocket ships. When I was home I was reconnected with some old friends and they told me about there website ( and showed me how to work shopify a little and bam I had a website up and live on Thanksgiving of 2021!! 

Since then I have been pushing my instagram with new designs and sending dm’s to influencers and just pushing my shit. I’m small now but I have big aspirations and I believe in my company my have created from just an idea in my head to wearing my own made clothes is a crazy feeling! I want to keep this moving years to come and right now I got some grinding to do but in a few years watch and you’ll see Stosi Apparel everywhere! 

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