Stosi Rants #001

Stosi Rant -

Stosi Rants #001

  Welcome to Stosi Rants! Where I just rant about new products, talk about what’s going on in the wonderful world of Stosi Apparel!
  Stosi apparel was made by a skater for skaters! Meaning ya boi Stosi rides and you haven’t seen go over to Instagram and search my handle @stosiapparel to check some of my clips out, along with updates on new merch and upcoming sales. If you cop any merch and tag me in your clip on Instagram I’ll give you a free discount up to 20% depending on how fire the edit is!!! So go cop some stosi apparel and make your friends ask, “Where did you get that hoodie, or jacket etc.”


  With great hope and expectation from us at Stosi apparel we are working on creating a skateboard team and a rollerblading team over the next year or so and push some good skating in dope clothing. Stosi would like to see a hella sick international team of skateboarders and rollerbladers! Do you have what it takes???



  Where can you find our clothing? Right over at!! 

How long does it take to ship? About 7-10 business days after order is accepted  

  Where does my money go once I place my order? Your money helps pay for the cost of shipping, and making your clothing. Not only that but you help Stosi Apparel grow with getting new designs made up, to new products in the store and research to get the best clothing out to the best human beings on this rock! 

   Whats in store for the next few months with a stosi Apparel? Over the next few months I’ll be working on some designs for our April spring drop. We are working on getting an iPad to help create and design better clothing in the future. Keep gaining followers on Instagram to get the name out there! 



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